So it Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I’m nervous to take this step, it’s mainly me testing if this is a style of writing I’d like to continue with. Why not center around what I love? If you want to know an overview of what this blog consists of, head over to the What’s in this Corner? page.

Here are some posts you can expect in the future from this blog.

You will find many works analyzed by myself. They range from books, to movies, to drama, and so on. These will be titled “Through the Looking Glass” and you can find the first post on here now entitled “The Liberation is a Lie”. This post is on Kate Chopins “The Awakening,” a very wonderful story that I reccomend very much. All of these posts will always contain spoilers but I will keep a warning up before the main text.

I have a lot to say about certain media, and I myself need an outlet to express my thoughts when I finish something. On this blog you will see a variety of reviews on all kinds of media. These will be called “Remys Real Reviews”

On certain occasions, I will review works that are defined as “Classics” which I will call “A Defence Case for the Classics”. These are a means to look at my thoughts on these works and for you to decide if they are worthy of your time and, and most occasions, patience.

These reviews will be spoiler free as best as I can make them so. But if a spoiler warning is needed it will be noted.

On Writing
I’ve been writing for more than 4 years and I’ve learned lots and lots from then. So I’d like to give back to those who also want to write and start doing their own work. I have plenty to learn still but I hope this will reach someone who is lost and connect with them. These will be called “Remy Writes”.

Anyone who has questions about writing or book/movie/play suggestions you can gladly send them over through the contact form on the right! I will answer you privately or post an answer as soon as I can.

I do hope you enjoy this corner of the bookshelf, because this corner certainly enjoys your company

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