The Journey Through Middle-Earth Media: Concerning Introductions

As I read through Lord of the Rings I find it incredibly interesting how each version (movie and novel) uses the full potential of its medium to bring alive the world Tolkien created. It puts a stupid smile on my face when I think how masterfully Tolkien set aside a grand and epic plot to focus on the breath of Middle-Earth, the denizens that reside, and the history left imprinted into the fabric of everything. Then I realize how Peter Jackson refocused the movie towards the heavy plot and story Tolkien weaved in and in turn created an action, emotional, and suspenseful movie, but left the beautiful world of Middle-Earth to other aspects of the film medium. If I am being 100% honest, The Lord of the Rings movies are a masterclass on novel adaptation.

I finished reading Fellowship early August and took a break before reading Two Towers (big mistake, though I thoroughly enjoyed 1984). Sadly I didn’t have a blog to write about my thoughts but now that I do I would like to have myself a journey through Middle-Earth and give my thoughts on the differences between novel and film. Since I already read Fellowship, I am dividing the post into 3 parts. The first being background and some thoughts on the idea of adaptation, the next two about the book. My plan, then on, is to write about Two Towers as I go and have small writing bits on a couple chapters.

So we will begin our adventure by packing our things. We are definitely not going to throw some stuff into a bag, run out with our contract and yell to our neighbors “I’m going on an adventure!” Sadly, we need to plan a little more.

I hope your join our adventure from this corner of the bookshelf, because this corner certainly enjoys your company

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