New Book Update!

Tolkien is an author that always surprises me. Two days ago I bought a book that compiles all his letters to authors, fans of LOTR, and his children. This book is huge



Look at how many pages this thing has!!

I love it so much.

He has composed over 300 letters concerning his life at war, his study, and his novels. I plan to use this as research for my LOTR posts and I’m really fascinated with what he has to say about his work. I will, however, take everything with a grain of salt. There are many instances where Tolkien says one thing about characters in his stories but has no textual evidence for it. That might be a cool discussion to have for another day!

In the mean time I’m still reading Two Towers and the first post on Journey Through Middle-Earth Media is coming out tomorrow too! Get ready for that one.

‘Till then!

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