Early Morning Book Thoughts

Lord of the Rings is definitely the only book that has made me finish a chapter and not want to read anymore…in a GOOD way.

Last night I read a chapter of Two Towers and when the chapter was over I put it down and went to bed. It is not a page-turning book by any means. Most authors are itching to have their books be page-turners; they want their readers to want more (which makes sense and I am the same way) but Tolkien does something special in that instead of leaving you to want more, he is leaving you to be satisfied. Every time I have finished a chapter so far in Two Towers I have put down the book and audibly said “This is such a good book” and didn’t pick it up until the next day (or week because I’m becoming a horrible reader). 

This only further enhances the stories focus, which is the journey rather than the action. You see these characters walk on stretches of road and come across some very good and very evil folk. Two Towers is a redemption arc, where everything Legolas, Gimli, and Aragorn have lost in Fellowship, they slowly begin to get back here, and the same can be said for Gandalf, Merry, and Pippin. You feel nothing but satisfaction when you see their redemptions. 

It also works because Lord of the Rings is a very dense book in terms of language. Tolkien has some beautiful writing but he is infamous for his long prose. You absolutely feel accomplished when you finish a chapter of Lord of the Rings. I just thought this was very interesting to think about while reading Two Towers.

Do you have any books that aren’t page turners but still excite you to read?

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